360° Customer retention for Retail and Hospitality

With Zucchetti’s TCPOS Loyalty solutions you can activate and monitor special offers and promotions in real time and with the maximum efficiency from the central office. You will be able to encourage purchases and loyalty, smartly and without complications.

Customer Management

Comprehensive customer card management

Zucchetti’s flexible Customer Account system handles prepaid and in-house charge with the ability to send monthly invoices. Accounts can be managed with a card, by smartphone or using manual ID when paying for items at the POS.

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Your mission is convenience

With TCPOS Promotion you can easily configure the most compelling promotional pricing campaigns for your customers. Setting up promotions is intuitive to learn for management and will be automatically applied when staff are entering the transactions, ensuring your business and the staff are creditable to the consumer.

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Second display

Interactive customer monitor

TCPOS Second Display transforms your checkout system into a valuable marketing tool by exploiting the POS second display. Match the products and promotions to your customer, transmitting targeted advertising in accordance with personal preferences.

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Tailor-made sale conditions

With TCPOS Subsidy, you can define special sale conditions for customers, user categories, and companies, offering different benefits every day.

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Rewarding your customers every day

Offer instant gratitude to your customers for their loyalty by directly printing and delivering coupons at the POS, using pre-printed or digital vouchers, on their mobile.

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Points management

Points campaigns for all the tastes

Launch targeted, affordable, and competitive points campaigns, motivating customers to buy additional products to reach their goal!

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Visual recognition of food & retail articles for canteens and restaurants!


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