Gift cards
& discounts

Rewarding your customers every day

Offer instant gratitude to your customers for their loyalty by directly printing and delivering coupons at the POS, using pre-printed or digital vouchers, on their mobile.

For everyone in the family

Regularly invite your customers to your store or restaurant by launching new initiatives. With TCPOS you can suggest presenting the gift-card to their relatives or awarding them with a prize offering discounts and gifts.

Validity check in real time

When the customer collects the voucher, the serial number is stored in a list to be recognized both by the system and the tills. The use of a unique serial number prevents the same voucher being used twice.

Refunds and replacements

Vouchers of value greater than the one of the transactions grants refunds. Instead of providing the change in cash, the till prints another voucher that the customer can use with his next purchases.

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