Smart hospitality
for your business
and guests

TCPOS is Zucchetti’s omni-functional hub for seamless guest service in restaurants, canteens, quick-service and hotels. From order through to payment, TCPOS helps you building trust in your business by increasing order accuracy, staff attentiveness and speed of service. 


From on-line ordering, to table service, through to digital payment: a seamless guest service contributes building a long-lasting positive impression on customers, increasing staff attentiveness, speed of service, and order accuracy.

Corporate Catering

Improve the organization of your catering business, speeding up payments and optimizing customer flow, with a sophisticated customer card management, an AI-powered dish recognition system, and the possibility to order meal and check account status on-line. Click here to discover the advantages of turning canteen management fully digital!

Quick Service

Streamline the processes of your quick service restaurant by engaging your guests with innovative technologies like self-ordering kiosks, mobile app and the most innovative kitchen automation systems that includes Kitchen Monitors, Bump-bars, Pagers and Geo-localized Pucs.

Hospitals and Retirement Homes

Offer your guests a home-like atmosphere by providing them a comfortable cashless experience throughout their stay where on-line booking is easy and aids in choosing the most appropriate menu for their diet.

Hotels and Resorts

Award your guests’ preference for your hotel with a 100% cashless solution that is seamlessly integrated with Hotel Management and Booking systems, granting a superb holiday experience in full comfort and relax.


Boost the efficiency of sales at catering points and kitchen management by providing a POS solution than includes web ordering and full parental control of each registered pupil’s transaction.


Visual recognition of food & retail articles for canteens and restaurants!


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