The ultimate
customer journey

Turn your omni-channel strategy into a success including web shops, smart payments, customer retention programs as well as multiple touch-points like self-service checkouts, kiosks and beacons. Improve the organization by integrating Workforce Management and Mago ERP as process-oriented logistics solution for stores.


Zucchetti leads your company straight into the future with TCPOS, by accelerating processes at the POS. Intuitive self-checkout systems and smart-payments provide your clients with proper independence, reducing queues at the till and enabling your staff to focus on assisting guests. In addition to loyalty cards and bonus programs you can issue vouchers and monitor them with a centralized server.


Payments, loyalty, inventory, business intelligence and shift scheduling: everything is controlled by one system! In fact, TCPOS supports any kind of shops and franchise chains with multiple touch-points and a broad variety of features designed for in-store operations.


Visual recognition of food & retail articles for canteens and restaurants!


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