Your mission is convenience

With TCPOS Promotion you can easily configure the most compelling promotional pricing campaigns for your customers. Setting up promotions is intuitive to learn for management and will be automatically applied when staff are entering the transactions, ensuring your business and the staff are creditable to the consumer.

Boosting customer retention

With TCPOS it will be easy to launch effective campaigns. Promotion is intuitive to understand, and all tills will quickly recognize and automatically apply discounts on products sold on the basis of the rule sets, without stress for your staff.

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Powerful promotional engine

With the TCPOS "promotional engine" you will devise campaigns in the form of discounts and gifts. Through a simple wizard, you can enter the parameters of your offerings, opening a world of promotions to encourage customer loyalty.

A world of convenience

Promotions are manually activated on single tills, or managed by headquarters on large networks, also at an international level. You can activate offers by simply reading barcodes printed on the packaging, or on promotional vouchers, wherein the first promotion activates a second offer.

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