Speed up the flow
of customers
at the till

Optimize processes through omni-functional technology, boosting your customer journey. With Zucchetti's iCore concept, the point of sale works and communicates with kiosks and self-checkouts providing guests an autonomous and more relaxing customer experience, reducing queues at the POS and boosting revenues.


Become a Pioneer
for quick service

The TCPOS Self Ordering Kiosk intuitive graphical interface helps the customer to order, suggesting additional items and giving precise information on the products, ensuring a stress-free experience and drastically lowering both waiting lines and waiting times.

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Self checkout

No more queues at the POS

TCPOS innovative self checkout combines proven cash register technology with intuitive self-service for taking payments in retail trade and catering. The small self checkouts reduce queues and contribute to a smooth shopping experience with a seamless checkout procedure.

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Shaping the canteen of tomorrow

visioncheckout add AI powered food detection features to the TCPOS portfolio, turning canteens and self-service restaurants into innovative environments that provide faster processing of transactions. Place your food of choice on the tray, the system will detect each item and its price.

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Visual recognition of food & retail articles for canteens and restaurants!


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