Innovative automatic
food detection

Shaping the canteen of tomorrow

visioncheckout add AI powered food detection features to the TCPOS portfolio, turning canteens and self-service restaurants into innovative environments that provide faster processing of transactions. Place your food of choice on the tray, the system will detect each item and its price.

Cost-reductive technology

visioncheckout speeds up the sale transaction and leads to a higher canteen throughput. A simple webcam connected to the POS automatically identifies dishes and drinks, then electronically transfers the information to the POS and billing system.

Shape & colour recognition

The different shapes and colours help the camera to recognize the article and calculate price. This process is much faster than typing each product with a conventional POS system that can be either attended or unattended by an operator.

Easier workflows and better organisation

The chef registers the dishes and their prices into the system. In the presence of a great variety of articles, the automatic recognition makes the cashiers’ work easier because they no longer need to remember all the available items.

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