Table service
& Hall Management

Complete management
of table service

With TCPOS Table Management, Zucchetti brings digital transformation in hospitality. From guest attendance to menu design, including courses and customer accounts, pamper your guests with everything that your restaurant needs to stand out above competition.

Graphic overview

Dining rooms, tables and shops, all elements of your restaurants are reproduced on a map, which will help you to better organize and speed up the service by verifying attendance at tables, along with information on the related accounts, such as number of guests, current subtotal, and waiter ID.

Quick and precise table service

Not guest is left unattended! Icons warn when a guest risks to be neglected by automatically changing colour, alerting your staff, allowing you to provide customers with the right attention.

Smart menu management

Table services advanced menu management functions allows offering both Seasonal and “a la carte” options to your guests. You can also decide to manually configure prices of each article manually on spot, as well as offering special menus only at specific time and/or day of the week.

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