Pager systems
for waiters
and guests

Pager integration for faster service

TCPOS integrated innovative paging devices with its flexible omnufunctional POS solutions. The result means guests enjoy great customer service and a pleasant dining experience that makes them want to return.

No more waiting lines

Pagers enhance your customer service, and to efficiently manage the sales process, resulting in shorter waiting times and increased customer satisfaction. Managing the tables and food delivery, plus reduced congestion at the hostess stand will improve the quality and the speed of your service.

Freedom and convenience for guests

The customer receives a pager that, once the order is ready receives a signal that activates a sound, a flashing light or a discrete vibration. In the meantime, the guest can wander in the surroundings or take advantage of your bar, ensuring greater profits.

A quicker and better service

Reduce noise in the work environment and establish a faster communication in your staff. When courses are ready, the chef just presses a button, sending a silent message to the appropriate waiter‘s pager. The pager vibration signals the exact moment when an order is ready for collection.

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