#ZucchettiTalent – Marketing Mix

Interview with Maximilian Schaefer, B.A. in HR and Marketing

#ZucchettiTalent is an initiative we recently established to present the thoughts of our youngest minds who were engaged in studies related to our product portfolio and strategy to the wider public. In the first installment of this series of interviews, we discussed ideal best practices in pricing strategies (Read interview).

This time, we are glad to chat with Maximilian Schaefer, Sales Manager HR at Zucchetti Germany GmbH in Völklingen. He completed his studies at HTW SAAR - University of applied sciences. His thesis provides an overview of the development of a product-specific marketing strategy using the example of the Zucchetti Group. Among other topics, the current marketing mix, which ultimately leads to the strategy, the country-specific entrepreneurial differences and the situation on the target market were examined.

In your work, you focus on HR Infinity, so how are the 4 P's applied to this human resource suite developed by Zucchetti?

Well, strategic marketing essentially provides the framework for operational marketing planning. Here, the strategists determine the marketing instruments. The marketing mix is conceived and adapted based on operational sub-goals. Typically, the marketing mix is divided into the following main points according to the "4 Ps" approach. They are derived from English and can easily be adapted into German marketing.

  • Product: Service and product policy
  • Price: Price and conditions policy
  • Place: Distribution/Sales policy
  • Promotion: Communication Policy

The answer to the question "what marketing measures do we take?" is thus the focus of operative marketing planning.

How did you come to this conclusion?

I looked at each P, analysed it and first gave the reader a basic understanding of this topic. This is typically the goal of every academic thesis; it is always supposed to serve a higher purpose.

Afterwards, I compared the individual P's with the actual status of HR Infinity on the German market and developed possible approaches for improvement.

What was the result of your thesis and what recommendation do you give?

To establish a successful product in a new foreign market is a big challenge for every company. There are hurdles to be overcome such as adjusting the price, regional coordination of the approach to the customer, as well as finding a favourable distribution channel. Zucchetti Germany GmbH has already found a distribution channel for HR Infinity: via compound sales, through direct sales with the company's own iCore strategy. HR Infinity is closely linked from distribution channels to the other Zucchetti products that strengthen the product in the group.

After your studies and your recent experience with our group, do you have any recommendation for reaching this objective?

The use of social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn is particularly noteworthy. With these, not only can an image be built up and the corporate identity be expressed, but customers can also be won. This area requires a communication channel that clearly shows how to get in touch with the customer through campaigns or other media. Despite the good approach, price differentiation should be further considered. A uniform international price for all foreign markets will never appeal to all customers. Within the company, it is necessary to find a uniform definition or strategy for price concessions.