Zucchetti Hosting Services: We are your experts!

Zucchetti hosting services provides to all clients standard Microsoft Azure technology and long-standing Arvato Expertise. From Basic to Exclusive, Zucchetti offers you 4 options of fully managed hosting services for their POS applications starting with Version 8, taking care of the safety and availability of your data

 “Zucchetti is not only about POS systems and payments” says Thomas Baur, COO of Zucchetti Switzerland. “Thanks to our partnership with Arvato Systems we provide fully scalable, flexible and secure infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure cloud technology together with Arvato’s managed cloud services. The newly designed managed infrastructure together with the innovative TCPOS application, delivers a scalable and easy-to-manage subscription business model”.

“Service opportunities differ depending on needs and size of our customer,” continues Thomas Baur “ensuring an approach, here the client can choose between Basic, Premium, Premium+ and, for those in need of a tailor-made approach, Exclusive. Zucchetti Hosting Services are a multi-purpose digital hub for anything data-related, and we ensure Security, Privacy & Control, Compliance and Transparence”.

The Service Operations Toolkit provides a comprehensive platform for monitoring services, log file management, proactive performance management, and health dashboards, facilitating continuous and secure operations. This toolkit is essential for ensuring the seamless functioning of various aspects of your services.

Our fully managed Application service includes the installation, configuration, and upgrades of TCPOS, overseen by the dedicated Zucchetti Cloud Service Team (CST). This ensures that your application is running optimally and benefits from the expertise of our service team.

Additionally, we offer fully managed Cloud infrastructure services tailored to your specific cloud infrastructure. This involves running your operating system with an appropriate operating model, which includes patch management, service packs, security updates, and regular database health checks and optimization.

Our Backup & Restore on Cloud service guarantees scheduled, monitored, and consistent backup of your data, providing a reliable safety net for your critical information. This contributes to data security and business continuity, giving you peace of mind.

For seamless and high-performance data connections, the underlying Remote Location Connect service offers everything you need to securely operate data connections from client sites to Microsoft Azure. This ensures reliable and efficient communication between locations, supporting your business operations effectively.

Our customers in the hospitality and retail industry do not need to invest anymore in own servers and are able to adopt new business functionalities even faster by using this new technology. Furthermore,” concludes Baur, “they will now benefit from the high availability of the solution as well as having the insurance that data is backed up”.


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