Dirk Schwindling becomes Zucchetti’s CSO and Head of POS

Dirk Schwindling, has been officially appointed International Chief Strategy Officer of Zucchetti, taking on additional strategic and operational responsibilities within the group.

In 2013, the company then known as TCPOS became part of the Zucchetti family, with the aim of enriching the group's already extensive solutions portfolio, opening new sales and technology scenarios, and with the strategic prospect of taking the Zucchetti brand beyond national borders.

At the time, Zucchetti was already present on several foreign markets, but acquiring a company that was established and well-known on a global level with its POS solutions, meant counting on a solid reputation earned in the field, thanks to years of work and experience with important brands, with an excellent promise for expansion, also for the rest of the Zucchetti suite of solutions.

This strategy was a true credo for Dirk Schwindling, who brought TCPOS into the group, bringing with him the company's DNA characterised by proven technological quality, as well as essential know-how in the POS sector, in which Schwindling already has twenty years of experience.

With the evolution of the company, also Schwindling's position has evolved, extending his responsibility beyond TCPOS, supervising the strategic activities of the other POS brands of our group (ZMenu, ePOS Cloud and Scloby), thus proposing a differentiated offer according to the different needs of customers. A special focus in this area is placed on direct cooperation with Italy and Brazil, where the markets are particularly promising and attentive to our diverse offering.

Today, we are glad to announce a further development of his role. After years of working closely with Enrico Itri, International COO & CEO of Microarea, within the WBO and also playing a big part in different activities of acquiring new companies and solutions, Dirk has been officially appointed International Chief Strategy Officer of Zucchetti, taking on additional strategic and operational responsibilities within the group and becoming Enrico Itri's deputy in his position, bringing his contribution to the activities of the Steering Committee. This choice was the natural, logical next step in a highly collaborative path, marked by numerous initiatives that are leading Zucchetti to gain more and more recognition in international markets.

"It is with pleasure that Dirk has been entrusted with the management of all POS activities of the Zucchetti group worldwide.” States Itri. “His skills, his professionalism and long experience guarantee a success that we are all sure we will achieve with his help. I am so very pleased to have him as CSO at my side in the management and direction of the whole WBO, allowing me to count on a person of undoubted value - and someone who is most aligned to the business visions that Zucchetti is pursuing worldwide".

"I am very happy to have been a promoter of the entry of TCPOS solutions into the Zucchetti galaxy", explains Dirk Schwindling. "Seeing how something so important to me becomes one of Zucchetti CCS's flagship products fills me with pride, especially witnessing the positive impact it has had on the group and successful projects such as the functional integration with the Mago suite. It feels very rewarding, especially after having dedicated so much energy to it with my teams for many years. If I then think about the excellent personal relationship, based on mutual trust, I can only be happy to face the next challenges and initiatives with enthusiasm and determination".


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