Safe cash
handling management

Your cash in good hands

TCPOS Treasury Management is a safe and smart solution for handling cash and providing managers with an accurate and effective method of monitoring the correct cash-flow from the point of sale to the bank.

Cash-flow supervision

TCPOS Treasury Management enables the management to supervise cash flows originating from sale transactions carried out at the POS, their deposit in the vault and at the bank, while keeping track of what is happening in outlets and restaurants.


From Shop to Bank in total safety

With its Treasury Management application, TCPOS ensures that between when the POS collects cash from the customer to the the moment when the money reaches the bank, nothing is left to chance, this also in large organization where TCPOS applies its scalability features.

Optimized staff management

Treasury Management has a beneficial impact on your team performance. Time spent on counting cash can now be redirected to better optimize the management of resources so that they can be targeted towards other more useful activities.

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