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From point of sale to point of service

TCPOS FrontEnd is Zucchetti's flagship solution for the point of sale. A flexible and scalable POS software that enables cashiers mastering numberless features that will facilitate their daily work, thus making customers happy thanks to faster processes and clear information about products and transactions

All payments accepted

Cash, credit and customer cards… anything goes! Including the latest innovative solutions payments methods: cashless, contactless, mobile and digital wallets on smartphones.


Zucchetti's products want to help simplify your employees’ work-flows. Therefore, our software solutions leverage intuitive controls that can be learned quickly, eliminating time-consuming and expensive training. Installation and configuration are easy, just like any every day's operation.

Non-stop functionality

In case of a network failure, TCPOS operates in offline mode and the checkouts communicate between each other via peer-to-peer networking, even without the server. After restoring the connection, data is transferred into the central database.

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