at the POS

at the POS

Zucchetti Scheduling is designed to assist companies in hospitality and retail in better organizing their workflow, by managing staff activities and forecasting needs thanks to a powerful and innovative artificial intelligence.

Employee satisfaction

By assigning the workloads in a functional manner, the solution reduces scheduling times and errors, prevents delays or inefficiencies, thus increasing the satisfaction of your staff for their job.

Hardware cost reduction

The POS in an operational hub enabling you to manage both in-store activities and shift scheduling in one environment. The employee's clock-in and clock-out are executed at the till with no need of further expensive devices and shifts can be consulted right away on screen.


Scheduling includes the Forecasting module, an adaptive and smart Zucchetti product that, thanks to its AI powered self-learning capacity, answers the needs for a constantly changing process such as workforce management.

82% of retail stores

are understaffed each week

Choosing the right employee scheduling system can alleviate these issues by giving you and your staff the tools to create good schedules quickly and easily.

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