Access control
& Purchases
in one solution.

Access control
& Purchases
in one solution.

Thanks to the iCore concept, TCPOS and Axess make your Access control smooth turning the cash register into a real operational centre, combining the sale of tickets with that of merchandising and food

Zucchetti integrations: a winning synergy

The architecture of this web-based software solution enables the management of employees, visitors, suppliers and vehicles, at access points - whether they are doors, gates, barriers or turnstiles.

Complete ticketing solution

With Access Control, your point of sale system can issue all types of tickets such as day cards, weekly passes, family passes, rechargeable cards, and subscription cards with a photo capture feature.

Practical, safe and convenient

Access control supports contactless solutions like RFID bracelets for swimming pools and sports centres, all this with a perfect balance between security, comfort and freedom of movement.

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