Zucchetti chats with GPT-3

Enhancing Customer Experience in Restaurants and Retail

Applications that make end users like a real artist for a few minutes, help writing content like a professional, applications to forecast the number of employees needed on a specific day based on weather conditions, public holidays and so many more; AI-based software applications are on the rise and the possibility of using them seem to be endless. Even though there are of course improvements to be made and some features work better in theory than actually, it’s clear that AI is here to stay in many forms, its usage has been proving useful also in professional environments, like the healthcare sector for example.


Indubitably, GPT-3 Open AI has become very popular and is raising concerns also of giants of search engine tech as well of copy writers, since it’s way of providing information and the capability of composing meaningful and, almost, precise content at the speed of light, is often effective.


What’s in it for Zucchetti? Many opportunities! Imagine a direct way for customers to inquire about the availability and features of products, while browsing an e-commerce site. Think about how kiosks in restaurants can answer all questions about menus, ingredients, and allergens in the guest’s native language, noticeably speeding up and facilitating the customer journey and boosting client satisfaction, loyalty, AND revenues.


The Advantages of AI in Hospitality and Retail


Generative AI is a powerful technology that can modernize customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty and allowing increased engagement with customized content and promotions. This can be done both online and in-store, providing a seamless experience in a multichannel environment.


In the proof-of-concept Zucchetti is introducing at the current tradeshow EuroShop, we simulate a discussion between a customer and a restaurant promoter. The concept is technically based on the GPT-3 framework, directly connected to OpenAI service, leveraging Davinci, the most capable GPT-3 model.

In order to create a better experience and a specific context, we provide additional information to the model through a user question about the language. Geolocalization and weather info have been integrated through a specific API.


The project was designed through a collaboration between Zucchetti Switzerland, specifically the team behind the design and development of the omni-functional POS solution TCPOS, and Moxoff.


Moxoff supports companies in better approaching market challenges and changes and increase their competitive advantage through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Math Modeling and Data Science. A spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano and part of the Zucchetti Group, Moxoff supports clients of several industry segments with specific software solutions and companies inside the Group that want to innovate and improve their offering with AI features such as Process/Service Optimization, decision support and Forecasting systems.


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