MagoCloud Webinar: Processes in Fashion Retail - customised, easy and quick!

Businesses face many challenges every day: different distribution channels, guaranteeing optimal stock levels in the warehouse, e-Commerce management, replenishment deliveries for branches, managing orders from suppliers. All of this requires a lot of effort.

Of course, there are standard solutions for everything, but these also cause higher costs, require multiple data entries more difficult data connections for import export and still do not work together as smoothly as one would like.

In our free webinar in German language, on the 23rd of June, we will show you how MagoCloud Fashion supports you in streamlining all individual processes in fashion retail as a central platform for your processes!

We have interviewed our Mago expert Eduard Richert, Zucchetti Germany’s Principal Product Manager ERP.

What are the biggest advantages of MagoCloud?
MagoCloud provides highly configurable processes, this makes it very easy to customise to the different ways how companies work to point out their individual advantages to the customer. It is super simple and uncomplicated to create new stores, assign assortments and items, businesses can manage it completely independently. Especially during the current historical moment in time, many companies had to switch very fast between different sales channels, also having to add online shopping. MagoCloud helps make this switch EASY and FAST.

In addition, it is completely browser-based, there is no need for a local installation which reduces the invest and the general maintenance while running it.
Businesses do not need to replace their existing ERP system, wasting the money and time they’ve spent on implementing it. Mago is sustainable in that way, as it is an iCore-based platform, and can be integrated to manage the retail processes and store logistic. It is flexible: e-Commerce, POS channels, getting info and passing it on is EASY and uncomplicated.

Last but not least, there is an infinite number of individual possibilities and advantages for every fashion company who wants to expand their business and gain competitive advantages, without having to develop in code.

Who is the ideal customer, who could benefit by implementing MagoCloud?
Every company with more than one branch, store, or e-Commerce!
For us, every sales channel is a branch. So, if you have a store and an e-Commerce shop – MagoCloud helps you manage it easily!

Regarding the upcoming webinar, what can we expect to see?
Together, we are going to witness live in the application just how easy it is to set up new items and new stores with MagoCloud, their integration into e-Commerce shops as well as the main functionalities that make MagoCloud a perfect ally for any fashion retailer.

Register for free and join us for our webinar on the 23rd of June at 2pm: https://market.zucchetti.com/Zucchetti-Webinar-MagoCloud


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