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Als 1st&2nd Level Support Specialist (m/w/d) bei der Zucchetti Germany GmbH bist Du eine wichtige Anlaufstelle für unsere renommierten Geschäftskunden. Du nimmst nicht nur Soft- und Hardwareprobleme auf und führst eine Lösung herbei, sondern repräsentierst mit deiner Hilfsbereitschaft und deinem Einsatz unser Unternehmen nach außen.


As an 1st & 2nd Level Support Specialist at Zucchetti France you will be responsible for providing remote or onsite diagnosis and solutions to the technical issues reported by clients and partners. 


As a Sales Manager at Zucchetti France you will be the focal point for client sales and customer satisfaction. You will be involved in the development and permanent improvement of customer products and services and responsible for achieving sales targets.


As a Junior Customer Solution Specialist at Zucchetti France you will be responsible for actively driving and manage the IT evaluation stage of the sales process, working in conjunction with the sales team and troubleshoot and solve software and hardware issues.


As an IT Application Manager at Zucchetti Switzerland SA you will be responsible for managing internal IT applications to support the company specific requirements.


As a Software Developer at Zucchetti Germany GmbH you will be responsible for developing IT applications and products. You will establish and operate an ICT quality approach aligned with the organization’s culture.


As a Project Manager at Zucchetti Germany GmbH you will be responsible for managing projects in order to achieve optimal performance and results. The ideal candidate will have strong skills in developing project plans and monitoring the progress of projects.  


As an Implementation Specialist at Zucchetti Germany GmbH you will be responsible for the implementation of software projects in-house and at customer sites.



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