Zucchetti joins forces with Doctors Without Borders

We have worked side by side showing that together we are stronger! It is in this spirit that we want to celebrate Christmas: together

Throughout this challenging year, we have understood one thing: our wellbeing and health are the most precious goods we have!  

Especially during this period, it is important to feel close despite any distance, and to take care of each other so no one feels they’re alone in this.  

For this, we want to help and support any way we can. Together with our HQ in Italy, we joined forces with Doctors without Borders (DWB), which is a humanitarian organization that has helped  in all the humanitarian emergencies for more than 45 years now. 

Together with Doctors without Borders and Lodi’s hospital, Zucchetti Italy brought to life a telemedicine’s project to support the hospital and their commitment against the emergency as best as we can 

In particular, with this project we want to extend a helping hand through our technology, to support patients during the holidays at home, surrounded by their loved ones. That is why we joined forces to make a difference... because Christmas isn’t Christmas if we are not together! 


Spoiler alert: shortly, we will release a video that we created for this special initiative that is close to our hearts. Stay tuned for more information! 

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