#beZucchetti - Franziska Struwe – Zucchetti Switzerland

Get to Know Franziska Struwe, Sales Manager and member of Zucchetti's Global Account Team. Join us as we delve into the essence of being part of Zucchetti and the exciting world of partner channel activities.

What does it mean to you to BeZucchetti? 

For me, being Zucchetti means being part of an environment that is constantly growing and encourages us to always look toward new possibilities.

Dynamism is an important factor for me, and working with many of TCPOS’ partners gives me the opportunity to deal with different realities, also thanks to the versatility of our POS product. 

We market "the power of integration" what does that mean? Why is that a strong point for Zucchetti? 

I like to think that the relationship that is created between a partner and Zucchetti is in fact a continuous exchange of future views, a sharing of knowledge aimed at innovating together. This is my goal, to promote integration between people and build a heterogeneous network in which each partner feels an essential part of Zucchetti.

Why is Zucchetti the perfect fit for the partner network you are working to establish?

We are trying to standardize the relation we have with them by making all the tools we have available and the channels for both marketing and technical support accessible. For us, it is essential to be able to maintain a personal relationship, which is why the various tools by no means eliminate the human relationship that exists between us and the partner, but simply facilitate the ways in which we communicate. This process is a “work in progress”, we are doing it with the different partners, and, at the same time, we are also collecting their feedback on what we can improve with respect to the way we communicate externally, rather than the way we provide technical support. We can therefore speak of a continuous exchange process that serves to achieve optimal satisfaction on all sides.

Describe a success story in your activity

A success story and a major innovation for the TCPOS world is certainly the introduction of our digital platform, recently distributed by one of our partners. This confirms that we are not alone in the game, but that, although we have a vast portfolio of Zucchetti solutions, interacting with these third parties is an important advantage.  Sometimes these are smaller, sometimes not as structured as us, but they have the necessary tools to make us stronger.  In addition, such digital tools are perfect for dealing with the kind of challenges that arise all the time: from digital integrations to e-commerce distribution channels, rather than the whole delivery services part. By now, it is no longer even possible to quantify the companies, businesses and start-ups that create a new product every day, and having a solution that allows us to bring all these innovations together in one platform is the winning part of the whole project.


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