Zucchetti Spain Boosts The Growth And Profitability Of Its Channel Of Distributors

The leading IT manufacturer in the Spanish market for enterprise software continues to focus on strengthening its Channel of Distributors in a new informative session where it has presented its new product lines and its innovation-based strategy to a large group of industry professionals.

The leading software solutions manufacturer in the Spanish market, Zucchetti Spain, highlights the competitive advantages of being part of its Channel of Distributors in a new informative session. Zucchetti Spain continues to successfully empower its partner channel, which already includes over 300 certified professionals nationwide. During this event, attended by a large group of ICT professionals, the cutting-edge and innovative technology of Zucchetti Spain, the reliability and experience of being part of the Zucchetti Group, one of the leading IT multinationals in the European market, as well as the close and personalized customer service and support provided by Zucchetti, have been emphasized.

Zucchetti Spain continues to grow and expand its network of partners, enhancing innovation to improve the profitability of its channel.
During this open-house event held at the Microsoft headquarters in Madrid, the Partner Certification Program was also introduced, and representatives from the Zucchetti Group at the highest level participated, including Dirk Schwindling, Executive Vice President of the Zucchetti Group; Paolo Susani, Commercial Director of the Zucchetti Group; Nadir Azam, Director of the International Partner Ecosystem; and from Zucchetti Spain, their CEO Justino Martínez, Channel Director Joseba Marcos, HR Division Director Jaime Rodríguez, and the responsible for new products Zucchetti WBO, Andrés Vázquez, among others.

One of the advantages of being a certified partner of Zucchetti Spain is providing distributors with maximum added value in all project phases, from consulting to development, customer support, and verticalization. It also enables establishing a close and long-term relationship of trust, thus providing the highest guarantees of technological and functional evolution and customer loyalty. Paolo Susani, Commercial Director of the Zucchetti Group, states: "Commitment to our partners is very important to us. Our philosophy is: we are many, but we are one, and we innovate to improve your life."

Zucchetti Spain accompanies its distributors at all times once they become part of its channel. It has a dedicated department exclusively for providing channel support, which includes a technological training and self-learning platform, as well as access to a wide developer community.

Zucchetti is currently in a phase of expansion of its Distribution Channel. With over 25 years of experience working with Partner Channels, Zucchetti Spain helps foster synergies among distributors to enhance their business opportunities and help them gain maximum competitive advantages in a market where only the most innovative solutions, always updated and adapted to the latest technologies, thrive.

Cutting-edge technology and close service, key to guaranteeing the distributor's future project
Among other aspects, the extensive functional scope of Zucchetti's solutions has been highlighted, known for their high flexibility and customization, as well as an agile and simple implementation process, resulting from the long experience and proven methodology that Zucchetti Spain has in software implementations over the past 40 years. Justino Martínez, CEO of the company, has emphasized that "we have been pioneers in the development of advanced architecture and technology. It's in our DNA since we started developing software solutions 40 years ago."

Zucchetti has one of the widest management solutions portfolios in the market, which includes its generalist ERP software, a cutting-edge and customizable software solution with the broadest functionalities in the market, as well as various vertical solutions for all types of sectors, made available to its channel in different distribution models: Cloud, SaaS, On-premise.

Within Zucchetti Spain's software offering accessible to certified distributors, there is also Human Resources management software, Payroll management software, Travel and Expense management software, Workspace management software, POS software for the retail and hospitality sector, access control and security solutions, as well as many other enterprise software solutions, such as MES and WMS software.


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