Zucchetti at EuroShop 2023: The Power of Integration

Visit Zucchetti at Hall 6, stand E41 at EuroShop 2023, at Düsseldorf Messe, from 26 to 2 March 2023.

This year focus will be how we at Zucchetti are capable of offering new wave of thinking retail for shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, franchisers, and distribution chains, enabling you to stay closer to your customer with information, promotions and different ways to purchase articles, thanks to an ever-expanding suite of touch-points that follow the user  from home, on the move and in-store, from morning to night, 24/7 whenever he wishes and needs.


Self-ordering – The customer journey in total freedom

Thanks to a wide variety of fully integrated Zucchetti solutions, the customer can fully live a 360° omni-channel solution that is fast and completely independent.

Your business turns 100% omni-channel thanks to the  ZDP Digital Platform that enables features such as Click & Collect, Click & Delivery, Kiosk Ordering. Digital Menus and other on-line features that makes selecting articles and collecting them easier. Web sites and TCApp are always with your customer whenever he wishes to know more about products and select them to either be delivered at home or picked up at store.

Once in the shop, Digital Signage monitors inform and update about promotions and availability of special items, Kiosks and Self-Checkouts reduce queues maximizing customer satisfaction with no interaction with operators, saving operative costs and employing your team in providing faster services where needed.

Discover how the brand-new Zucchetti Scan & Go solution speed up purchase process with an app that simply scans the article QR code and enable paying skipping any queue at the POS.

Give the power of sight to your checkout system by adding visioncheckout, an innovative practical AI-powered item detection system that allows to scan, recognize and pay in less than 7 seconds articles and meals in the catering areas of your shop.


In the store like home

But Zucchetti doesn’t leave the customer alone when needed. We do not forget the importance of the staff when needed and thanks to, Handhelds, Smartphones and Tablets, the operator turns from traditional cashier to a real in-store digital assistant that can follow, suggest and help exploring the offer of your business making your visitors feel at home, thus living a very satisfying experience that will make him happy to come back.

This is the first step towards strengthening loyalty, something that can be pushed by registering the customer and offer a wide variety of promotions, vouchers, gift cards and point campaigns.


TCPOS, ePOS Cloud, Tilby and euroSuite: we have expanded our POS solutions portfolio and now offer you no less than four powerful POS solutions, each tailored to YOUR specific business requirements for the digital transformation of enterprises in both Hospitality and Retail.

From supermarkets to non-food retail, such as fashion and luxury shops, from hardware suppliers, DIY shops, chain stores and franchise chains, from restaurants to canteens, from hotels to stadia: The perfect point-of-sale for every need.


ERP, HR, Energy management: The power of integration

Improve the organisation of your staff workflow with Zucchetti HR and forecast their activity thanks to a powerful and innovative artificial intelligence. Additionally, Zucchetti offers an integrated solution, between Mago ERP, MagoCloud and the TCPOS POS system, aimed at ensuring 100% seamless processes in hospitality.

Meanwhile, efficient energy management has become a crucial aspect of every company. They are under constant pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency and minimize their ecological footprint. One way to achieve these goals is to implement intelligent energy management software.

Zucchetti's ZEnergy is a smart software package for monitoring and analyzing energy consumption. To this end, ZEnergy supports all companies that are required to undertake energy audits and helps to update and comply with laws, protocols, and national and international standards. ZEnergy is now an indispensable tool for companies, with savings of 15% of the energy costs paid already guaranteed in the first year of use! 


The future speaks AI

Discover the endless possibilities of OpenAi language model GPT3, supporting businesses by providing direct information about articles and suggesting the best promotions available to customers

Interested in knowing more about Zucchetti vision of Retail? Book a meeting with us by following this link. You will be contacted by one of our experts.


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