Zucchetti achieves PCI DSS Level 1 certification

Zucchetti, a leader in the software solutions industry for the hospitality and retail sectors, has achieved the PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider status, the highest level a service provider can obtain.

PCI DSS is a set of requirements designed to protect cardholder data and prevent fraud when processing, storing, or transmitting payment card information. These are industry-wide requirements, and so any supplier that processes payments, such as Zucchetti, is expected to meet them.

Zucchetti’s PCI DSS compliance covers the following solutions and services that it offers to its customers:

  • E-commerce and M-commerce solutions, such as TCPOS Web Application, MySystopia & Good2Go, PayMyTable and Konakart. These solutions integrate with Hosted Payment Pages provided by various Payment Service Providers that Zucchetti partners with. They also run on customer environments that Zucchetti manages within its preferred Cloud Service Providers.


  • Point to Point Encrypted (P2PE) chip & pin devices, which are devices that encrypt card data at the point of entry and prevent unauthorized access. Zucchetti handles these devices in accordance with the requirements of the P2PE Solution Providers that it works with, such as Worldline, Verifone and CreditCall. This ensures the integrity and security of the devices before they are installed at the merchant location.

A Secure and Trusted Partner for Payment Card Solutions

Zucchetti’s PCI DSS compliance is not only a mandatory requirement, but also a valuable accreditation for our business and customers. By achieving the Level 1 Service Provider status, Zucchetti ensures that its solutions and services are reliable and meet the requirements of this globally recognized standard. The benefit for our customers is that they can reduce their own obligations when processing card data.

Zucchetti is proud to announce this important achievement, currently covering Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, and USA, but soon including other countries of the organisation.  

This reflects its quality and professionalism in the software solutions industry. It also thanks its customers for their continued support and cooperation.


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