Barcode enabled transaction suspension

Whatever the retail segment, the ability to suspend and resume transactions across multiple terminals and platforms within the same working environment is often needed. Adding Barcode Suspend to your system, TCPOS allows you to suspend a transaction on a terminal and make it available simultaneously on all other terminals connected to the network.

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Barcode scanning
The barcode provides a quick and easy method to move a partially completed transaction to another terminal. Imagine a supermarket, where for any reason the cash register in use must close suddenly. Simply press a button to print a ticket featuring a transaction specific unique bar code. The transaction can then be launched and managed by another terminal connected to the system, by simply scanning the TCPOS generated barcode.
Simple transfer of information
The transferred transaction can then be moved and managed from one terminal to another.  All functions available at the originating terminal are available at the second terminal. For example, whether to add or delete items without long waits or complex operations.
Transaction suspension ticket replacement
In case of loss, the suspend ticket may be reprinted on the terminal that carried out the suspension by simply pressing the appropriate button, and selecting transaction. Once the transaction has been closed, a message is automatically forwarded to the source terminal in order to remove the suspended transaction, and invalidate the barcode.
Cash registers always available
Communication between terminals is managed by means of a peer-to-peer network. The offline mode grants an interruption free workflow, even in the total absence of connectivity. All tills function properly, storing data locally. As soon as the connection is resumed, all data is transferred to the server without the need for intervention by the operator.


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Precise information

Receipts with barcodes provide precise data transmission between cash registers on the same network.

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Non-stop operations

Customer satisfaction with their POS experience is key to customer loyalty and grassroots marketing.

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Offline mode

Thanks to peer-to-peer connectivity, cash registers communicate with each other, even in the absence of a network connection. This is critical functionality in a high volume retail operation.

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Customer satisfaction

Replacement of lost tickets, quick service and the ability to change their purchases post-transaction.

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