The points that count for loyalty

Supermarkets, department stores, franchises: Promoting customer loyalty is a challenge that your organization must face if it wants to compete seriously with the competition.TCPOS Points Management helps you invite your customers to return and buy, thanks to an effective loyalty points management system. Our system allows you to create campaigns that are always convenient and competitive.

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Points collection and customer retention
When the customer registers his loyalty card, he collects points for purchasing products or to take advantage of promotional offers. Once he has reached a particular point level, the customer can redeem points for discounts or gifts provided by the program.
Reward status at the POS
The points balance can be verified at the POS at any time. When the loyalty card is swiped, the display shows the balance and available discounts earned.
Effective loyalty with different initiatives
With Points Management, you can activate different types of loyalty campaigns, defining different activation parameters. In addition, you can launch global campaigns for the entire organization, or drill down to a customized campaign for single customers. The system provides you with a powerful and flexible tool to attract and keep customers.
Centralized activation of promotional campaigns
In chains and extended networks of shops and restaurants, you can activate promotional campaigns from the corporate office by instantly sending the information to all POS in the company. Campaign activation may be restricted to specific outlets or product groups.


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Active loyalty

Define promotions and discounts to attract and retain customers by enabling centralized campaigns.

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Centralized management

The home office can activate point collection campaigns for either the entire network or single outlets.

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Differentiated promotions

Define discounts or prizes according to user's, products, or promotional campaigns.

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Points balance management

Display customer balances at the POS or online.

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