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To make profitable decisions, it is essential that you have precise and reliable information. InfoBusiness is the business intelligence solution that enables managers to explore and retrieve valuable facts from the enormous quantity of data stored by common business activities.

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Organized key information
InfoBusiness will allow you to understand the data and to evaluate the established Key Performance Indicators on a daily basis. In concert with the central POS system, this module provides accurate answers to specific questions that allow for actionable interventions aimed at hitting and exceeding business projections.
The value your company deserves
InfoBusiness is the Business Intelligence software for support in decision making that provides comprehensive control over the company’s performance. With the power, simplicity, and effectiveness of InfoBusiness, you will be able to give your company’s data the value it deserves. InfoBusiness helps you reach your company targets, in order to achieve success and have proper business information control to increase profitability!
Simple problem-solving
InfoBusiness allows you to create a full “corporate cockpit” filled with control panels including graphical key indicators. These indicators provide constant monitoring of measurements of results versus objectives. The intuitive graphical interface shows at a glance the situation of all POS, allowing the timely identification of critical situations or undesirable results. Using advanced technical tools, you can also inspect data to find the causes of the problems detected. InfoBusiness is an essential control tool for executives, and required to optimize corporate management and to increase market share.
Simple, dynamic and automatic information
InfoBusiness simplifies the complex analysis. You will be free to use tools that employ the everyday “concept vocabulary” and you will be free to work on data in real time, with drag and drop functions and intuitive filters. InfoBusiness allows dynamic data analysis and the generation of fully customized views and reports, while it eliminates the costs connected with these repetitive processes.


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Intelligence on the move

Check data on your smartphone, wherever you want, whenever you want.

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Corporate cockpit

Graphical key indicators that provide constant observation of measurements of results versus objectives.

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InfoBusiness is multilanguage, ideal for companies with foreign branches or employees of different nationalities.

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Advanced reporting

You can visualize reports in different formats; pivot tables, graphs and dynamic dashboards.

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