ERP & sales management in one bundle

Professional ERP management and powerful POS solutions are key factors for any company. In both retail and hospitality, precise information about internal activities and faster sales transactions improve the drive and growth of your business. TCPOS can easily integrate with the acclaimed ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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All necessary information
Microsoft Dynamics NAV stores valuable information including orders, prices, products, customers, reservations, and etc. This data is easily exchanged with TCPOS. Once products are sold, TCPOS will return all sales data (products, payment, transactions, etc.) to the ERP system, centralizing all orders.
Management of stock and suppliers
Inventory data is also exchanged with TCPOS providing up-to-date information on the warehouse status, effective availability of specific products, and eventual shortages. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics NAV manages all the orders to suppliers, from PO through Receipt. By storing this data in a single software infrastructure rather than separate subsystems, your company can generate orders easily, while simultaneously coordinating the different aspects of the business management process.
Solutions dedicated to your business
The Microsoft Dynamics NAV/TCPOS bundle is suitable for most business sectors of the hospitality and retail businesses. From restaurants to hotels, from hospitals to cafeterias from shopping malls to supermarkets, from theme parks to stadiums, the fully integrated system functionality adapts to any processes and supports the needs of your company. This allows the integrated management of operations specific to your industry, and sales activities.
Simple ERP with fast implementation
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated financial, operations, customer, distribution, and e-commerce system. Its data provides a streamlined, comprehensive solution for growing mid-sized businesses. Microsoft Dynamics’ and TCPOS coupled with your unique customization using our powerful tools, will allow your business to grow faster and achieve exceptional success.


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ERP & POS integration

Data management and sales, integrated into one effective solution.

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Point of Service

The POS interacts with a wide range of devices: tablets, printers, readers EFT, scales, etc.

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Top level security

Secure web service for secure communication.

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Advanced reporting

Powerful data presentation is presented allowing for easy analysis of all key metrics.

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