Complete management of customer cards

Retail, hospitality, entertainment are dynamic and highly competitive sectors. TCPOS Customer management allows you to demonstrate your brand strength by getting to know them better.  By registering them and understanding their purchase habits, you will be able to provide targeted offers and build loyalty. TCPOS Customer Management is the smart choice for your business if one of your objectives is to stay close to your customers.

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Management of all types of customer accounts
Whatever your business, if it includes the recording of customer information, TCPOS is the solution for you. Customer Management handles every type of accounts; prepaid, credit, identification or "mixed" mode, and can be used for payment transactions, and is hardware agnostic.
Retain your registered customers
When a registered customer pays, his card is recognized by the system. This can automatically activate bonuses and discounts, printing both receipts and invoices with address data. The customer can check his balance at POS or online with a PC or mobile device.
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Top-up credit without limits
Users can “top-up” online when visiting the website of a restaurant, or when paying in a supermarket or franchise chain. Your customer will enjoy the ability to use his card, and “top it up” with any payment methods that you allow.
Card loaders for customer cards
In corporate environments such as cafeterias, hospitals, stadiums and theme parks, you can install the appropriate card-loading terminals for prepaid cards. These accept credit cards and cash in different currencies, avoiding lines and waits at the cash register.


Fidelizzazione cliente, tcpos, pos, loyalty, carte cliente, promozioni, campagne punti


Management of all types of customer accounts.

report, fatture, analisi, documentazione cliente, informazioni, statistiche, reportistica


Automatic activation of promotions and customer specific correspondence.

adattabilità. flessibilità, soluzioni personalizzate, tcpos, pos


If prepaid cards are used, every balance is transferable and balances can be combined from other cards.

tcpos, pos, sicurezza, dati sicuri, protezione


TCPOS provides several security features in order to prevent fraud and abuse.

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