Managing your internal business communications

Supermarkets, large food & beverage chains and franchises: companies with extended networks of international points of sale, must be frequently in communication (at a global level), for service information such as upcoming promotions and special offers. The TCPOS Mail module is an inexpensive mail client application that grants reliable communication within wide organizations. This satisfies their need to share information with several operators, often distributed in locations geographically distant from the corporate office.

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TCPOS Mail: Your company messaging client
With TCPOS Mail, you can send emails to all area managers and POS operators using the data administration system of your corporate office. These messages arrive directly on their terminals, ensuring the flow of information to all colleagues.
Direct corporate communication
With TCPOS Mail, messages may be sent to the whole organization, specific user groups, or single users, granting a precise, error-free information delivery only to the interested parties. Messages are composed of a subject, body text and, if desired, it is possible to set an expiration date after which they are automatically deleted.
Prompt message receipt
When the POS is running, messages are displayed on delivery, while mails sent when the workstation is off are displayed when the operator logs in. Messages in the mailbox may be held for a period defined by the user.
Precise search and information access
Both administrators and cashiers are provided with a mailbox. Thanks to a precise internal search engine with quick contextual queries, messages may be organized in order to have all information available.


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Quick information

Promptly issue news and instructions.

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No extra costs for additional email clients.

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Local & global

Communicates to individual users or the entire company.

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Direct line to the customer

You can send messages to registered customers with customized information.

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