Printing personalized customer cards

Do you need to provide ID badges for accessing the attractions of a theme park or the stands of a stadium? Do you need to provide the corporate cafeteria staff guests or customers in your store with professionally printed “top-up cards” for payment? With Card Print from TCPOS, you can easily design and print any type of perfectly functional card.

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You do not need a third party printer
With the Card Print module from TCPOS, you save commissions to specialized companies by printing your own cards only when necessary. This also avoids delays and delivery issues.  Card Print is a great fit across all segments of retail and hospitality. (e.g. extended chains of supermarkets/franchises, individual shops, canteens, sport clubs, theme parks, etc.) With Card Print you can configure and print customer cards directly from your system.
Card customization for your company
Design the customer cards for your company. With TCPOS Card Print you can set custom templates, specifying data elements unique to your business such as customer code, card number, name and validity date, as well as company name.
Capture customer picture
TCPOS Card Print allows you to include a photo of the customer, recording it into the database and printing it on the card. This additional customization eliminates any possible confusion for the manager, while boosting customer retention.


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You can cut costs by printing what you need, with total self-sufficiency.

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Safe shopping thanks to the precise encoding of customer data.

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The customer card is unique, thanks to a progressive and configurable system of card numbers.

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Photo capture

You can further customize your cards by adding photographs of customers.

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