Adding value to gift and return cards is stress free

The “top-up card” (Gift/Merchandise) is a powerful tool in support of customer loyalty. Minimize the use of cash -and speed up POS operations. Examples of uses include corporate dining, stadiums, or many hospitality scenarios where time is of the essence.

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No more cash, no more queues
An effective value card management system must be able to make the customer experience more enjoyable. TCPOS offers and manages devices used to load prepaid cards. The customer may load his card by using a specific device, connected to a touch-screen terminal integrated with a variety of peripherals.
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Flexible “top-up” features
The retailer may allow the card to be recharged with cash or credit card.
Multi-currency “top-up” solution
TCPOS solutions are internationally ready. This includes our Card Loader. It allows the retailer to “top up” customer cards using foreign currency.
Seamless integration in the system
Card loader is completely integrated in the TCPOS solution: the device is managed as a POS and therefore, load transactions are available in the system real time.


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Speed up customer flow at POS with lane-busting.

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Intuitive user interface and clear instructions always simplify operations.

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International solution

The solution is multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-regulation. It is suitable for global companies.

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Seamless integrates into the existing retail/hospitality network.

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