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Provide your customer with instant access to card balance information and Improve the sales experience in your operation with TCPOS Card Info. Enable your customer to verify in real time, directly at POS, the balance and details of the transactions executed, without additional equipment.

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Card balance at your fingertips
Whatever the business sector of your company, using customer cards will help you improve customer retention. Having a clear idea of the availability of funds, helps stimulate sales and speed up till operations.
A convenient and economical solution
Thanks to the virtualization of all operations, the cash register becomes your only card reader. Drastically reduce costs by avoiding the purchase of expensive and bulky card reading terminals, giving guests at your canteen or restaurant more space to enjoy their meals. In the case of shops, you will be able to display more attractive items for your customers.
In-depth knowledge of sales data
Your customer can verify all his purchases at any moment, thanks to detailed information for each transaction - displayed by date, shop, till, and transaction total.
Print details with templates
If a printer is linked to a till, it is possible to print the results of the searches, using templates defined by the retailer.


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Customer loyalty

All the required information, available at all times.

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Cost reduction and comfort

Eliminate expensive and bulky card readers.

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User friendly

A simple card swipe shows all the details of the transactions

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Print templates

Prints based on templates are also available and pre-defined in the system.

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