Centralized sales data administration

Retail and hospitality sectors must be supported by a centralized organization with the ability to manage networks of POS systems, often distributed at an international level. To accomplish this your staff must be supported by an IT management system that is both stable and flexible. Admin becomes the central solution in your IT-environment. Admin controls and administers the POS systems of your company directly from the central office. TCPOS supports your administration of master data, control of sales, price changes, creation of products and customization of user interfaces.

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High-performance central administration
The extreme scalability of the TCPOS solution demonstrates its capabilities across the retail spectrum, spanning daily operations as a standalone POS in chain stores, up to an infrastructure with several hundred checkouts. The solution can be deployed with virtually no limits, across multiple sectors and varied hardware platforms. TCPOS has proven itself in retail, restaurants, canteens, catering, stadiums, leisure, and transport sectors. TCPOS has also proven its extreme scalability and high level of performance around the globe.
Optimization of sales processes at the POS
TCPOS optimizes all key processes of your POS business. Operating processes can be configured down to the terminal level for single stores or restaurants, and analysis and control can be executed from the head office. TCPOS will help your business gain a cutting-edge advantage in technology along with significant business benefits over the competition. TCPOS flexibility provides interfaces to merchandise management and accounting or hotel administration software, and lays the foundations for an efficient organization.
Sales data control performance
Admin supports your administration of master data, control of sales, price changes, creation of products and adjustment of user interfaces. The system has integrated rights management and provides robust comprehensive reports..
Detailed reports and up-to-date analyses
The flexibility of the system allows the reproduction of complex configurations and deployment across many locations and including different business requirements ,while sales figures are consolidated in reports and analyses, providing an overview of your key figures.
International management of your sales network
TCPOS is a solution specifically developed for internationally distributed networks. It can handle multiple languages ​​and currencies, while respecting tax regulations in force in each country. The program also supports the majority of electronic payment systems in use around the world.


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Easy yet powerful configuration

The TCPOS user interface is simple and customizable and can be changed without interrupting operations.

soluzioni personalizzabili, flessibilità, integrazioni, plugin, tcpos, pos

Flexible and customizable

TCPOS is customizable, integrates with other management systems and is compatible with most of the hardware platforms on the market.

tcpos, sicurezza dati, pos, criteri visibilità

Data safety

The application includes tools for administering user and user level management authorization and configuration.

tcpos, pos, soluzioni internazionali, multi country, gestione internazionale

International solution

The solution is multilingual, therefore suitable for international companies.

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