The best organization of your kitchen

The success of your full-service or quick-serve restaurant depends entirely on your ability to offer quality and competitive prices, accompanied by a fast and reliable service. TCPOS improves the sales processes efficiency chains of all sizes, by integrating a wide range of peripherals designed for kitchen automation, such as interactive displays, printers, customer displays and pagers.

Innovation that serves the chef
TCPOS offers a full range of advanced features, developed to enhance the efficiency of sales activities. It supports a wide variety of devices that interface easily with all systems. The kitchen monitors are powerful instruments that provide direct communication between the production and the cash registers, enabling the table service to flow at maximum speed.
IQSR: Interactivity is in the kitchen
The IQSR Monitor is an interactive kitchen monitor designed specifically for quick service restaurants. It displays the dishes and items ordered in real-time and sends a confirmation to the POS when they are ready. Meals are shown on the screen, based on color codes that allow you to identify the status of the current order, the waiting time and the confirmation of the orders when they are ready. 
All-round smart orders
Whether your customers want to eat in the comfort of your restaurant, take away their food, or have it delivered home, the new TCPOS Order & Delivery module enables you to support these processes, and provides seamless service and convenience to your customer.
Your customers and staff always at hand
TCPOS is now able to offer you paging systems that allow communication with guests in an efficient and cost-effective manner while drastically reducing the confusion and lines at the checkout. When ordering, the customers receive a pager that they carry with them or place on the table while they wait. When the meal is ready, a signal is sent to the pager, which beeps and flashes, discreetly alerting customers to pick up their order. In addition, images and advertising can be placed on the surface of the paging instrument.
From the dining room to the kitchen, with maximum efficiency
TCPOS communicates seamlessly with the kitchen printers in your operations. The devices connected to the network receive instructions directly from the POS or from waiters’ mobile ordering device. Moreover, TCPOS helps you to speed up the printing process, providing a number of customizable templates.



Streamlined processes and innovative technologies will speed up the flow of customers and increase their satisfaction.

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Omni-channel Enabler

Your customers can have the same transaction experience with your business whether they interact in the store, online, mobile or your call center.

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Optimized inventory management

The POS displays real-time inventory, ensuring the accuracy of the sales process and set the right expectation of your customer.

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The data is handled with the utmost security and can only be viewed by authorized operators.

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