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Today, TCPOS offers you great opportunities in the management of the sales transactions of your business, whether using a fixed POS, and mobile tablets and smartphones. Our innovative technology allows TCPOS applications to run on lighter and thinner mobile devices. This offers new sales opportunities where the POS is brought directly to service the customer, allowing you to manage sales and information in a more convenient and efficient way.

The mobile POS
POS solutions, thanks to their responsive design and intuitive interface can be seamlessly integrated with these standard technology touch screen systems. Tablets become additional cash registers to support pop-up and flash retail situations, or during peek hours at any time of the day, regardless of the location or layout of the store operation. Even if you do not have an internet connection, with TCPOS you can still implement and deploy in these situations.
Handhelds – less costs, more efficiency
Keep up with the needs of increasingly demanding consumers, while improving labor and work hour allocation. By using TCPOS mobile POS deployments, you will improve the table service at a restaurant, or reduce lines at the retail checkout.
Your smart sale assistant
In restaurants, a tablet can be accessible at the table, allowing your guests to see the menu, promotions, and to place orders, thus speeding up the meal preparation time. Optionally, customers can take advantage of the tablet to access social networks and kids can play with specific apps.
Check inventory via handheld/mobile devices
TCPOS applications are designed to run on handheld and mobile devices with MS Windows or Google Android operating systems. Our inventory functions will take advantage of the device camera to scan barcodes for the inventory items.


Hardware independent

Reduce costs, turning your tablet and smartphone in a mobile POS system, at no additional cost.

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No more wait or lines

Add mobile POS devices, reducing traffic at the cash register and waiting times.

A better service

In restaurants, managers and operators are always informed about what is going on in the dining room, ensuring that guests get the attention they deserve.

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Dynamic inventory control

Speed up barcode scanning of large quantities of items.

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By implementing the use of mobile devices in your operation, you can take advantage of mobility to speed up service to your customers, simplify the communication of information between operators, stockroom, management, cash office, kitchen or any...

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