Omnichannel loyalty

The competitiveness of today’s retail and hospitality industries forces businesses to provide creative and innovative ways to delight their loyal and profitable customers and keep them coming back. For this reason, TCPOS allows you to configure easily the most complex promotions pricing, appealing points campaigns, gift cards services regardless of the channel of interaction and for different categories of customers.

Customer account management system
If your company maintains customer accounts, TCPOS is the right solution for you.Our flexible customer account system handles prepaid and in-house charge with the ability to send monthly invoices. These accounts can be managed with a physical card, mobile or using manual ID when paying for items at the POS.
Promotional campaigns for all tastes
Whether you manage a grocery, retail, or a restaurant chain, with TCPOS you can easily configure the most compelling promotional pricing campaigns for your customers. Setting up promotions are intuitive to learn for management and will be automatically applied when staff are entering the transactions, ensuring your business and the staff are creditable to the consumer.
Customized sales transactions
Thanks to the Subsidies module, you can configure which items in a transaction qualify to be subsidized when a customer or employee is served at the POS. Subsidies can be configured and tracked at the individual or company level.  When the registered individual pays at the checkout and identifies themselves, the subsidy is recognized and calculated automatically.
Reward your customers
Points Management, helps you reward your customers for the current visit and encourages them to return to purchase additional items to reach the next level of the reward program. With an effective loyalty points program, you can realize and drive increase customer retention, and through personal targeting, affordable, and competitive promotional campaigns, motivate customers to make additional purchases.
Gift cards & discounts
Invite your customers to experience your store or restaurant with enthusiasm by regularly launching new promotional initiatives. With TCPOS Voucher management, you can deliver physical or digital coupons for your promotional campaigns. Provide instant gratification to your customers for their loyalty by directly printing and delivering coupons at the POS, using pre-printed or digital coupons.


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Complete loyalty

Management of all the types of loyalty cards. Prepaid and closed loop gift cards are rechargeable with all methods of payment.

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Attracting new customers with competitive and compelling offers will grow your customer base profitably.

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Centralized Data

From your headquarters you can program promotional prices, subsidies or loyalty points campaigns for a specified period for an individual store, region, division, country or corporate wide.

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Printed & digital coupons

Reward your customers with in-house gift cards and discounts by printing coupon vouchers or by sending digital coupons to their smartphone.

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