Interface with innovation

TCPOS is a highly flexible solution that currently integrates with the most popular ERP, PMS, CRM and many other back office systems. TCPOS provides web services for easy exchange of data between systems in real-time and batch. Our vast number of user exits allows 3rd party developers to create their own plugins to add new or change existing functionality.

Exchange data with your system
Many of the standard data records and files in the most popular ERP systems have been interfaced. TCPOS allows third party applications access to our relational database, while still maintaining the security and integrity of the data. We enforce strict policies for third party development adherence. TCPOS has a very collaborative approach and has developed a POS platform that allows execution of very innovative integration strategies for our customers and their business.
PMS, HMS, SMS and much more.
TCPOS interfaces with many different hospital, hotel and property management systems. TCPOS has integrated with many administration applications to manage staff, fines, taxes, and customs clearance.
Manage promotions with Passbook and PassWallet
Customers have leveraged our plugins for promotion management integration to push coupons, tickets, invitations and digital cards to Apple’s Passbook and Google’s PassWallet Apps. TCPOS promotion management module will send special promotions reminders using the smartphone device push notification feature.


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Seamless processes

Exchanging data between TCPOS and other enterprise systems is seamless, cost effective and real-time.

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Quick integration

Our team is able to evaluate and quickly develop interfaces.

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Limitless compatibility

TCPOS is designed to adapt to the systems and hardware devices that your company uses, like apps and mobile infrastructure.

Mobile integrations

Integration with apps and mobile payment systems.

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