From point of sale to point of service

Customer and market needs inspire innovation; through constant innovation, TCPOS helps you take care of the technology behind your store operations. Thanks to its extensible architecture and scalability, TCPOS is the ideal POS application for companies who want to keep their business and technology current, but ready for tomorrow changes in technology and business requirements. We enable this with our future-proof platform and philosophy. TCPOS simplifies the work efforts of store and restaurant operators, and ensure a memorable experience for your customers, who will reward you by coming back!

Become a Pioneer for quick service
TCPOS designed the Self-Ordering Kiosk, as a valid alternative to the POS, where the customer is directly involved in the meal order. The system offers a complete range of advanced functionalities, developed to improve the efficiency of the point of sale, with the support of a vast variety of peripherals that easily interface with all IT environments.
All payments accepted
TCPOS accepts all forms of payment: cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, on-account charges and prepaid/gift cards. In addition, with TCPOS you can also manage the latest payment types: cashless, NFC and mobile payments which allow your customers to use their smartphones as digital wallets.
All features, simple to use
We want to help simplify your employees’ work processes. This is why our software solutions leverage intuitive controls that can be learned quickly, eliminating time-consuming and expensive training. The installation and configuration are easy, just like each operation. Moreover, thanks to its many features, the system can be quickly adapted to your specific needs.
No hardware limits
Those who choose TCPOS, rely on its flexibility and the ability to interface seamlessly with multiple POS devices. This is crucial for your store operations to allow your Point of Sale to transform to any type of Point of Service tools such as a kiosk, handheld and mobile devices. TCPOS is developed based on industry standard technologies such as Windows and Android operating systems, as well as the Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases.
Customer account management
TCPOS was developed to allow your company to achieve maximum customer loyalty. This is why you can manage customer account of all kinds, allowing users to top-up prepaid/gift card or in-house accounts and transfer balances between accounts. You can also define promotions of any type, design gift cards for your clients or loyalty points campaigns that will be managed centrally in the cloud.


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User friendly

Thanks to its intuitive interface, staff training and transactions workflows are much faster.

Dynamic layout design

Simply reproduce the screen layout of your previous system, or design a new interface using some of our standard templates.

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Change the language of your POS solution down to the operator or customer level without stopping your activities - simplifying training and the user experience.

No local server

With data management in the cloud, you eliminate the need for local servers. Reduce capital maintenance costs, installation time and speed up the roll-out!

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