Always on-time and available

Delivering quality and timely services to your customers while they travel means processing a large amount of orders and payments on a daily basis. Reliability, availability, outstanding performance and ease of use are winning capabilities of TCPOS, which will serve well in helping you to exceed your business objectives.

Railway stations offer commuters multiple dining options and a wide variety of stores. When commuting on trains, travelers can have access to restaurants, bars and mini-bar carts that are constantly on the move. The rail operators must ensure the accuracy of the inventory data at each station. TCPOS is a reliable and robust solution that is the choice of many well known railways in Europe. it is an extensible, future-proof solution that allows your business to adapt to a variety of business situations and ensures a high return on investment.
Leveraging the long layovers between flights, airports have become important business centers that have luxury brand stores, full-service restaurants and quick service brand chains. TCPOS, with its extensible POS solution, enables all foodservice and retail businesses to meet all the demands placed on complex airport environments, regulations and reporting structures. The ability to handle large transaction volumes and international customer flows is essential in providing air travelers with a smooth and seamless experience.


Fuel pumps

TCPOS communicates with fuel pump systems, granting your customers the possibility of adding the purchase of food or products to the same transaction at the gas station.


Subscribe your customers and reward them with convenient promotions, coupons, gift cards and loyalty points on their mobile device at the right time.

Duty-free management

When reading the passenger code from a paper ticket or smartphone, duty free prices are automatically applied accordingly.


TCPOS is the perfect solution for international environments and allows you to use the appropriate language at the consumer or operator level without neither interrupting the transaction nor making it more complex.

Train transportation

For train transportation, TCPOS allows you to offer passengers online booking services that integrate with access control systems.

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