The ultimate shopping experience

By integrating mobile, cashless payments, loyalty systems, comprehensive price promotions and enablement for your Omni-channel strategies, TCPOS allows your business to speed up checkout processes and delight your customers at all interaction points where you provide your products and services.

Software providers must monitor their target markets in order to understand the future needs of today’s discount, grocery and supermarket retailers. New payment methods, like cashless  on smarphones are within the reach of all focusing on consumer expectations and the reduction of lines at the cash register. Intuitive self-service kiosks and mobile devices provide your customer with proper independence, allowing you to use your team for other operational tasks or customer service activities. We have been working with supermarket and discount chains for many years, partnering with them into the future on innovative ideas at the POS, while ensuring high reliability, great extensibility and flexibility. TCPOS  future-proof philosophy is aligned with our customers' long-term strategic plans and the technological changes of tomorrow.
In a modern deli and bakery, the ability to sell various types of freshly baked bread blends with the option to choose sandwiches and bagels, to eat with friends and colleagues can provide an enjoyable experience. TCPOS helps you engage with your customers by providing innovative tools, with which they can easily choose and buy their preferred products and how and the sequence they order should provide the similar experience for the POS operator.


Customer & price responsiveness

The more details you have about your customers, the more opportunities will open up for your business by sending targeted and personalized communications, events and promotional initiatives. Ability to implement complex pricing promotions is monumental for your business.

Omni-channel loyalty

Keep your customers closer and committed with a loyalty points and rewards programs. Leverage cloud-based applications to implement a omnichannel strategy.

Mobile payment

With TCPOS, your customer’s smartphone becomes a digital wallet, carrying digital credit cards, gift cards, coupons and other payment instruments.

Hardware/Software integration

TCPOS allows you to upgrade your hardware infrastructure or exchange data with other applications by providing an architecture to easily plugin 3rd party API’s integrating scales, self-service devices, payment devices, electronic tags, lottery machines, vending and digital signage systems and more.

Customer display

The customer monitor becomes a powerful marketing and retention tool. While the consumer is waiting to pay, the display shows details of the transaction in progress, advertising video and interesting promotional offers that may make an impulsive purchase.

Case Study

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