Excellent service for total customer satisfaction

TCPOS helps businesses handle the challenges of today’s hospitality and food offerings, delivering the best service and user experience to their guests. Our future-proof, extensible and highly adaptable POS solutions will provide all the capabilities to allow you to be responsive to your business and compete in the markets you serve.

Whether you operate a casual or fine-dining restaurant, we provide a Point of Sale (POS) solution that can be customized and scaled to meet your current and future needs, allowing you to strive to provide excellent customer experience. TCPOS extensible solution offers key features, such as an Order & Delivery module, to become the essential reference point for all your channels; in-store, mobile, web and call-center. Give your customers the ability to create an order with future pickup date & time to meet the needs of their fast paced lives. Provide total customer convenience and service through the entire experience until the final payment.
In quick-service, you operate under high time pressure whilst aiming to deliver the best quality to your customers. TCPOS helps you handle the challenges of corporate dining, cafeterias and catering services also for healthcare, education and public sector organizations. Thanks to innovative features like our extensible customer account management system, you can improve your food service and catering business organization, speed up payments, increase convenience and improve customer experience.
Quick-service and self-service are areas where the streamlining of processes and the use of innovative technologies are key to speeding up the flow of customers, increase transaction while providing customer satisfaction. To improve the competitiveness of your business, TCPOS offers your company a wide range of features boosting efficiency and leveraging the ability to set special menus and promotions. 
Hospitals and nursing homes must be able to make the stay of their guests more comfortable, by providing care with home-like atmosphere. With TCPOS, patients can book meals via web, where they get assistance in choosing the most appropriate menu for their diet. Furthermore, thanks to the cashless solutions, they can eliminate the use of cash and credit cards throughout their stay. 


Graphical control of your restaurant

Thanks to the detailed visuals, you can manage tables using the touch screen, including control of table and room configurations and their status.

Flexible customer accounts & cards

Whether prepaid, credit, ID or "mixed" mode cards: any type of customer cards or accounts can be used for payment transactions, regardless of the type of reader or manually entered.

Faster service

By adding kitchen and service monitors to your business, you will speed up communication between the kitchen, service and cash registers - assuring your customer a better service and increasing their eagerness to return. 


With “Order & Delivery”, your guests may choose to dine in your restaurant or book online from their PC, tablet or smartphone, and use the take-away or delivery service.

Ingredients information

When ordering, the system automatically informs the patient about the presence of potential allergens that are present in the meal.

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