Commitment for success

Entertainment, fun and adventure is what your guests look for, this is why TCPOS provides simple, seamless and robust integration points throughout your entertainment venues. Having all your systems working in harmony will allow your guests to enjoy cashless payments and fast payment transaction at all events, so they will be happy to return with their families and friends for many years.

Stadiums are complex operating venues that require highly reliable and robust installations. Imagine the situation that can occur when impatient fans either simultaneously visit the ticket office and concession stands, or flock to kiosks during breaks. TCPOS, is known for its superior reliability, versatility and fail-safe POS implementations. We installed TCPOS solutions in many of the famous stadiums in Europe, where we manage POS transactions from various food service and retail outlets (i.e. restaurants, bars, gift stores, ticket office, concessions, mobile wait-staff, kiosks, etc.) using a single database.
Theme parks attract families wishing to experience memorable days and enjoy many attractions. Just like a ticket for a ride on a roller coaster, or a dip in the pool, the guest must be able to freely order refreshments and buy souvenirs. TCPOS simplifies management of the sales and payments across many retail formats (restaurants, bars, gift store, kiosk, etc.), communicating perfectly with the numerous ID  and access instruments available to the guest and employees. (i.e. access badges, credit bracelets, charging stations, automated lockers, barriers and gates, etc.).


Cashless payments

Reservations, identification for access, charging for food and drinks; everything can be handled with a single card. TCPOS monitors and tracks all transactions of your visitors.

Access control

TCPOS transforms the POS into a ticket office, and is compatible with a wide range of turnstiles, gates and access systems, allowing you to issue tickets and various types of attraction and entry subscriptions.

Cross selling

Retail and Foodservice come together, allowing you to associate the sale of a merchandise with other food products. For example, "Buy a shirt and get a hamburger as a gift".

Event management

TCPOS helps you schedule various stock supplies based on events in the calendar program.

ID bracelets and lockers

TCPOS supports the management of ID bracelets and lockers, which can be integrated with the rest of your attraction infrastructure.

Case Study

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