Partner profile: Datema

Datema is one of the world’s leading self-scanning providers. With over 20 years’ experience, EasyShop is a well-proven solution that plays a key role in today’s demand of seamless retail with an enhanced user experience.

Datema stands out from the competition thanks to its ease of integration, feature richness and technical architecture. The solution is fully integrated to the software suite developed by TCPOS, the leading provider of solution for hospitality and retail, part of Zucchetti Group.

Datema are experts in getting retailers to take advantage of their experience and know-how in order to leverage the solution fully. Because of that, we chose Datema Retail as a partner and have been very pleased with the collaboration ever since.

Examples of how it increases the customer experience include:

  • Allowing the customer to shop more effectively, e.g. with premade purchase lists, sorted in the correct shopping order, that can be shared and supported by search and navigation options.
  • Enhances the customer experience by using different media types, e.g. pictures, videos and sound.
  • Promotions provided at a relevant time and place for the customer.


In addition, EasyShop also empowers the retailer to:

  • Increase loyalty and average basket size by around 10%.
  • Improve interactions and increase personalization.
  • Leverage the same hardware as in-store operations for better ROI.
  • Understand its customers better – purchase patterns become more visible.