Zucchetti in support of Save the Children

Zucchetti group renews its partnership with Save the Children, the leading independent children's rights organization in the world, throughout 2019.

Save the Children does everything in its power to ensure the most deprived children have an opportunity to learn, grow up in a safe environment and are protected. The mission of the organization is related to our corporate culture of supporting the personal growth of our employees and foster their unique path within the company in order to guarantee a stronger common future.

During the current year there will be organized activities in line with the selected theme for this year: Heroes for children. Employees, families and friends will be asked to participate in those events, contribute to Save the Children and become heroes for children themselves.

As a first initiative, in order to celebrate a new life, while helping an unprivileged one, from now on, each new baby will receive a birth gift box and part of its value will be directly donated to Save the Children.


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