TCPOS Scheduling: the right people, in the right place, at the right time

TCPOS Scheduling is designed to assist companies in hospitality and retail in better organizing their workflow, by scheduling staff activities and forecasting needs thanks to a powerful and innovative artificial intelligence.

Since its inception, TCPOS – Zucchetti Group has placed its clients’ success at the center of all its activities. We do this by providing a “best-of-breed” approach focused in designing avant-garde iCore POS solutions that cover all the requirements of our customers, speeding-up sale processes, boosting customer experience, as well as improving company organization.

TCPOS Scheduling is an innovative solution allowing rational and effective management of shifts, availability and timely scheduling of the operator’s activities, thus providing significant time and cost savings.

The application allows restaurants and outlet managers to assign the right resources with the right skills to the right job. In fact, TCPOS Scheduling enables you to classify and match the skills of your staff and the information relating to the activities to be performed, thus improving productivity and the quality of the service offered.

By assigning the workloads in a functional manner, the solution reduces scheduling times and errors, prevents delays or inefficiencies, thus increasing the satisfaction of your staff for their job. Furthermore, in order to manage any exceptions, planning can be changed at any time.

Discover more by downloading the TCPOS Scheduling Brochure.