Bye Bye Cash! Hello App!

Paying with your smartphone in restaurants – with TCApp. Zucchetti presents hospitality app for ordering and paying.

Zucchetti will present a brand new app at IGEHO 2019 in Basel, with which guests can order and pay with their smartphone. The “TCApp“ is intended to help caterers reduce costs, save time and optimize customer loyalty, with the help of personalized offers.

No more annoying, time-consuming money and coin counting at the till. Mobile payment per app is much faster, more convenient – and way more hygienic, too! With Zucchetti‘s new TCApp, the smartphone turns into a wallet.

The app can be customized and branded for every customer – it’s easy to install and download. Various functions are integrated into the app: pre-ordering, payment, click & collect, on-site ordering, table reservation and vouchers.

The clear and appealing menus make the app the ideal planner for guests who want to conveniently select and order their food and drinks before their canteen or restaurant visit.
Practical and convenient: At the point-of-sale, customers only need to have their smartphone ready and pay for their meals… no cash!

As a virtual/digital customer card, the app entirely replaces physical cards and furthermore offers guests the possibility of easily topping up or viewing their transaction history. All of its functionalities are seamlessly integrated into the existing POS system.

TCApp: quick and reliable

With TCApp, every canteen and restaurant can plan their menu for the week. Guests automatically see the most recent menu on their phone. The app draws attention to special offers and includes an overview of allergens. Customers can decide and set which allergens they want to be alerted of, so that they will receive a warning when ordering an item containing this allergen.

Mobile Customer Loyalty

Additional customer retention and loyalty programs can be integrated, so guests will always be able to use current promotions. Collecting points is no problem either. TCApp is available for iOS as well as Android – every guest using it can conveniently order, anywhere, any time. The app also supports click & collect functionalities, this way users can order items directly in the app, while selecting the pick-up time and place. The POS receives transactions for preparation and fully supports the handling of the production centres.

TCApp is a white label solution, i.e. our clients can easily adapt and customize it to fit their brand and CI. Every business is able exploit the full potential of the digital transformation with the individually branded app. This not only includes a simple usage or a smart and elegant design, but above all the wide range of functionalities that the app offers as well as the seamless integration in ongoing processes.


Visit Zucchetti and their POS-Experts at IGEHO from 16. – 20. November 2019 in Basel. Find them in hall 1.1, stand B135.


Reconocimiento visual de alimentos y artículos de venta en tienda o en restaurante

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