Omni-functional solutions for in-store, e-commerce and mobile ordering.


From a single restaurant international chain, TCPOS follows every customer with care. From 1 to 10,000 tills, TCPOS adapts to your business today, and helps you meet your needs of tomorrow, quickly adapting to your specific requirements.


TCPOS can be customized according to your needs. Thanks to the modular architecture, our solutions be extended with new features, allowing your company to always be in step with new technological trends.

Cost and Time Reduction

Working in the cloud, you no longer need to purchase a server for each single branch, thus drastically reducing the purchase and maintenance costs. Installation and update times will be dramatically reduced, making these operations extremely simple and cost-effective.


Replacing an old system is quick and easy and, if required, you can adopt all the original POS layouts so that your team is immediately ready to resume their activities.

Hardware independent

TCPOS is completely hardware independent and is supported by the most technological platforms. TCPOS runs on cash terminal touch screens as well as on tablets, smartphones and handhelds. Our solutions are supported by Windows and Android operating systems, and rely on Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

A real multi-country solution

ensure that your company gets professional and reliable support, allowing you to expand your activities at an international level, with solutions that include multi-lingual and multi-currency features, enabling them to adapt to the most diverse cultures and tax regulations.


Visual recognition of food & retail articles for canteens and restaurants!


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