Competitive advantages

Organizational Benefits

Sales strategies, commercial initiatives, data analysis - thanks to TCPOS, every aspect of your organization is centralized. This allows you to stay informed of what is happening in your company, at any moment, in real time - also on your mobile device whilst you are traveling. All information is easily identifiable and can be extracted and analyzed thanks to an effective reporting system and business intelligence applications.

Economic Benefits

TCPOS speeds up your cash register processes, optimizing the organization of your company, decreasing both the customer waiting times and the requirements on staff. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, TCPOS is easy to learn, reducing training time to a minimum. You can replace an old system with a new TCPOS one without problems, and if required, adopt all the original layouts so that your team is immediately ready to resume their activities.

Technological Advantages

TCPOS is completely hardware independent and is supported by the most technological platforms. TCPOS runs on cash terminal touch screens as well as on tablets, smartphones and handhelds. Our solutions are supported by Windows and Android operating systems, and rely on Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. Moreover, TCPOS can be interfaced with a wide selection of devices commonly inserted in the workflow of your business (card readers, printers, scales, barcode readers, recharging terminals, kitchen monitors, iBeacons, etc.).

International Benefits

TCPOS is a solution designed to have no borders. Through a network of global partners, we are able ensure that your company gets professional and reliable support, allowing you to expand your activities at an international level, constantly following you and making the necessary changes to meet new challenges. Customers in Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North America, Latin America, Asia and Oceania are supported by tailored solutions that include multi-lingual and multi-currency features, enabling them to adapt to the most diverse cultures and tax regulations.