We are excited to announce an important revolution at TCPOS SA. Effective January 4, 2019, TCPOS has changed company name to Zucchetti Switzerland SA.

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Over the past years the synergy with the other companies of Zucchetti Group and its international expansion, has allowed our company to further develop invaluable capabilities,” says Dirk Schwindling, CEO of Zucchetti Switzerland SA. “It is time for us to choose a new name that goes beyond the product, but that conveys the combination of our current development and can better reflect our image in the future and our global presence, as a full-fledged subsidiary of Zucchetti Group.

The TCPOS logo will still identify our POS solution. It has been our job for over two decades, and our units will keep designing POS solutions to boost our clients’ success in their business, inside the iCore galaxy of integrated solutions. This new strategy moves beyond the classic in-store activities of POS systems to reach customers at home, as well as supporting vendors and caterers organizing teams through effective shift scheduling and forecasting. “The Zucchetti brand is now synonymous with excellence not only in Italy, but also abroad” Declares Enrico Itri – Zucchetti International Chief Operating OfficerThis is why the time has come to clearly communicate to the market that the first Italian software company is present directly in several countries around the world. In the case of Zucchetti Switzerland, one of the main objectives is to propose other application components of the Zucchetti offer together with the TCPOS solutions”.

Zucchetti management sees TCPOS’ success as a driving force for the evolution of the IT group. “The acquisition of TCPOS in 2013 was a milestone in the Zucchetti Group’s internationalization process.” Says Alessandro Zucchetti, President of Zucchetti Group. “Today the birth of Zucchetti Switzerland validates the virtuous nature of that operation and our desire to continue investing abroad, starting from the excellent results obtained in Europe“.

 The different companies previously belonging to the TCPOS group, will be rebranded as follows:

TCPOS SA                                   Zucchetti Switzerland SA
TCPOS GmbH Germany          Zucchetti Germany GmbH
TCPOS France Sàrl                   Zucchetti France Sàrl
TCPOS GmbH  Austria            Zucchetti Austria GmbH
TCPOS Eastern Europe Ltd    Zucchetti Bulgaria Ltd
TCPOS Mexico S.A. DE C.V.    Zucchetti México S.A DE C.V.