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Nowadays, when shopping or choosing a restaurant, customers are asking for fresh ways to discover and order new products and meals. The classic phone call is being replaced by the use of innovative technologies such as mobile apps and websites. Adding the Order & Delivery module from TCPOS to your business model will help you achieve a greater number of customers, in the most efficient and cost effective manner - opening further revenue possibilities.

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Omnichannel orders for any application
Whether your customers want to eat in the comfort of your restaurant, buy an exclusive item from your boutique, take away their food, or have it delivered home, the new TCPOS Order & Delivery module enables you to support this additional demand, providing new services that allow your customers to enjoy their purchases with added convenience.
Comfort and convenience for your guests
Customer convenience, satisfaction and increased sales are factors that served as bases for the Order & Delivery module designed by TCPOS. Because limited restaurant seating space influences production and sales capacity, providing self-pick up and “Order & Delivery” services can help to boost your sales. These services enable customers to order from anywhere, using either a phone or the Internet, and also allows them to have purchases delivered to their desired location - providing additional convenience.
Planning the organization is advance
TCPOS Order & Delivery flexibility enables customers to define a desired date and time in their order. This enables smarter planning of resources in the kitchen. Managers can prepare well in advance, improve ingredient stock management, as well as reducing organization time and costs.
Always close to your customers
The module offers a geo-localization feature that automatically allocates orders to the next shop or restaurant, as well as storing the relevant information. Each customer has to register to place an order online. Purchases can either be paid directly using an online payment service, or at the time of delivery.


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Centralized management

After entering the data, the order is directed for production to the most appropriate site with sufficient resources.

Precise organization

Plan which items can be available for each order.

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The module is fully customizable to the specific needs and desired design of your business model.

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The system can be easily set to collect at least a partial payment in order to prevent fraudulent reservations.

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